Smoking the Boys

I took my kids to my parents’ house this morning. Normally driving in the car is the time I dedicate to listening to the news, and the kids have to suffer through talk radio just like I did growing up, damn it. This morning Atticus begged to listen to music, so I switched to the oldies station, which, if you recall, was what I listened to on my own time growing up.

After I left my parents I switched back to the local NPR station and heard this song:

I knew Daniel would fall in love with her voice (and the fact that she’s nearly a redhead doesn’t hurt), so I shared it with him as soon as I got home. Audra Mae is our obsession du jour.

  1. Grace said:

    Love her sound!

  2. can’t stream video, so I couldn’t watch this, but I’ve got an Audra Mae album that I picked up at the end of my last deployment. I’d completely forgotten that I had it because right after I picked it up, I went home and Andrea introduced me to Mumford and Sons, who immediately made me forget all about her. When I saw your post, I pulled out my pod and fired her up. Audra Mae has been my, um, obsession redux, I guess for the last couple of days. I had a really surreal moment yesterday driving through Kandahar city listening to her. The strike of cognitive dissonance between “The happiest lamb” and the chaos of that city, along with what I’m out here to do, left me floating like a dissassociative drug might do. Thanks for the reminder of a performer that I’d been carrying around with me for over a year and completely forgotten about.

    • Rachel said:

      This could be one of the songs on your life’s soundtrack. I am trying my best to imagine your setting with that song playing…it’s a pretty great image if your life right now was a spy/thriller/action-adventure movie and you were not actually in a war zone. I’m glad you’ve rediscovered her; may she comfort you on many long days and nights, my friend.

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