Looking Ahead

Atticus, snow angel

It snowed today. I haven’t lived in snow in 9  years. Occasional flurries, a freak storm now and then, but hardly life in the snow. It was beautiful. Atticus said it was “so blowy” and Grey thought it was a huge storm. It was the sort of dry snow that can’t help but dance feverishly in the painful wind, so it did look like a terrific storm. The kids took advantage of the quarter-inch accumulation on the patio and made snow angels and an 8-inch tall snowman.

I opened this blog two years ago with a post about New Year’s resolutions and making goals. I think we thrive on the idea of beginnings, of starting over, of second (third? fourth?) chances that may eventually lead to happy endings.

We are strangely hopeful.

We had our big life shift in the summer, moving away from friends, family, and an easy community to something very new. (I grew up in this area, but I left when I reached adulthood, so things here are just as new for me as the rest of my family.) I’m not sure we’re ready for more goals right now. There are things I would like to accomplish this year, but my main goals are silly things like remembering to take my vitamins every day and flossing on at least a quarterly basis. I’m not getting any younger, after all, so major efforts need to be made to begin preserving and preventing. Also, I plan to read for pleasure and journal something each day.

Some of the dreams we had years ago are moving back to the forefront. It’s weird, feeling like dreaming is possible again and having time to really dwell in the dreams. Looking ahead is exciting, and today it feels like dreams can become reality.

Did you make any goals or plans for yourself this year? Do you have any dreams hovering in the misty part of your mind, just out of reach?

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  1. Jess said:

    I LOVE this photo. It needs to be blown up and framed.

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