An Apology

These past weeks have been frustrating. We had devastating storms in our area and had to put most of our personal recovery on hold because others needed more help and support than we did. And while we get paid to support others, Daniel and I often feel like our own well-being gets shoved to a back burner; this storm situation was no exception. So, eight weeks later, we’re nearly done cleaning up the mess from the storm. We’re also a few thousand dollars poorer after all is said and done. And, really, who has that sort of money to spare these days (ever)?

This past year has been hard. With school and going back to work and moving and the trials of life in general, I’ve just not been up to too much sharing. As in, I’ve not been doing much sharing, and I haven’t much felt like it either. I don’t like to write sad things or when I’m sad, and I have felt sad for too much of this year. I also don’t like to complain, and I’ve done way too much of that in the real world, let alone the online world. So you’re welcome. (For not writing.) And I’m sorry. (For not writing.)

I’m not sure I’m really up to blogging much, but maybe things will turn around. In the meantime, I’m hoping for some changes. As things lighten up I may take up writing here again.

  1. oh my gosh, i could have written so much of this post myself minus the tree clean up. i’ve felt so blog-uninspired since i like mine to be a happy place & my head hasn’t been in a happy place for a long time.
    i hope you will find your happy place before too much longer & maybe your life will be able to calm the hell down eventually. i miss you.

    • alltheseblessedthings said:

      :( Your whole life has shifted, so some adjusting is necessary. I know we’ll come out of this OK, but it’s so frustrating to be in the middle of it. I miss you, too!

  2. Jess said:

    Ugh I understand… I am in a tough place lately, as you know. No need to apologize. *HUG*

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