What Big Teeth You Have

Grey is still one of the little kids in most of our circles of friends.  She’s been hearing from her cousins and other “more mature” persons about some things that she’ll be growing into or experiencing someday.  I’ll be frank, some of the information she’s been given is a little misleading, and some is just plain concerning to me as a parent.

For example, Grey had her first appointment with the dentist today.  I got my teeth cleaned first so Grey could observe and ask questions before she had her turn in the seat.  Our dental hygienist is fantastic and told Grey all about how to brush her teeth and that she’d grow new grown up teeth when her baby ones fall out.  Enter misinformation.  Grey, smart girl that she is, explained to Monika, the hygienist, that a tooth would come out, she’d put it under her pillow, it would turn into a popsicle, and the tooth fairy would come and take it away and turn into a dancing toothbrush.  What?!  I know I’ve never told her this.

The worst part is, she’s already got a barely loose little tooth.  Have you seen how goofy kids look with still-soft baby faces full of ginormous, crooked adult teeth?  It’s just weird.  I can’t handle loose teeth anyway (think: pass out), so who knows what’ll happen when it pops out.  She teared up when Daniel told her that there might be a little bit of blood when her teeth come out.

I think Daniel got a little emotional, too.

  1. LaLa said:

    So much fun, the undoing that has to be done after kids visit family or friends…..

    • alltheseblessedthings said:

      No doubt. :)

  2. sherilin said:

    just wait till she learns about sex from some other misinformed little curmudgeon. or asks you what gay is.
    and don’t worry, those first teeth to fall out don’t grow back in very big. brooke lost hers early & i don’t think she ever looked too weird w/ the big spongebob teeth like some kids.

    • alltheseblessedthings said:

      Spongebob teeth made me laugh. Can’t wait to hear what you told Brooke about sex and gay…lol. There was a boy at summer camp one year who said “I eat glue; that makes me a prostitute.” Wow, how does a counselor get around that?!

  3. Grace said:

    I hear ya on the Sponge Bob teeth. My 7 year old got both big teeth AND big gaps, so for about a year he looked like a jack-o-lantern! Thank goodness some more teeth are finally filling in those gaps. ;)

    By the way, my kids have never believed in Santa Claus, but they TOTALLY believe in the Tooth Fairy. Even the 13 year old is still convinced there is no way I could get a tooth out from under a pillow without waking the sleeper, so there *must* be some magic involved.

    Tip: Put the tooth in a baggie, not one of those cute little tooth pillows. The plastic baggie is so much easier to slide out!

    • alltheseblessedthings said:

      Great tip! We didn’t believe in many of the extras, but we did go through the motions for the tooth fairy…a quarter per tooth was a lot of money! Ew, I just remembered the time I found my wisdom teeth in one of my parents’ drawers…I’m probably going to be that person.

  4. Jen said:

    Turns into a popsicle and then a dancing toothbrush?!?!?! That is hilarious! I’ve never heard that, either. Did someone really tell her that or did Little Miss Imagination come up with that herself? :)

  5. Mama said:

    What is really bad is 20 years later and finding baby teeth in various hiding places! Whose tooth was this???? Like you can identify them without the cute little face they came from!

  6. Keeping baby teeth is way better than keeping baby foreskin.

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