All Quiet on the Blogging Front

So much to say, so little reason to say it.

It seems like just yesterday I killed my cat.

Since then, we’ve had a few birthdays (Atticus turned 2 and Grey hit the big 0-4) and some out of town company.  I finished Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, and decided to take a break from the series by reading Evolving in Monkey Town by Rachel Held Evans (it was pretty much the perfect book at the perfect time).  I spent at least 60 hours painting baseboards and trim at my Old Dirty House (as Grey calls it…though it’s quickly becoming the Old Cleanish House).  I went back to work and then we moved into the ODH (which really, really helped with my looking for the cat every day).  I intended my school application for next fall (2011), but was accepted and admitted to the program for this term. (!!)  So I start Composition Theory next week.  I have taken up a new hobby:  whiskey.  I’ve been sampling different brands and I know very slightly more now than I did before.  My marathon training has also kicked into a higher gear, and I’ve been running miles in the teens–once an impossible dream, now a painful reality.  And if it’s possible, I’ve become an even bigger fan of HOH (House of Heroes, not head of household, you silly goose).

The school thing is weird.  I have a friend whose daughter left yesterday for college across the country.  I’m remembering that exact moment when my parents drove away from my freshman dorm, 7 hours from home, my mom trying her darndest to keep smiling, my own throat so tight from a mixture of fear and relief.  And then I turned around and the cutest boy named Ryan was sitting in the dorm lobby and immediately became my crush du jour.

Back then nobody had cell phones or laptops; everything was done on paper and you talked to actual, real-life people to get anything figured out.  I feel like a dinosaur at 30, trying to find out what the course textbooks are without coming right out and admitting that I’m totally weirded out by this process.  My pal Ashley, also a UTC grad student, told me that I could find all this stuff on the school website, so I got the names of the books online, ordered them from, giggled when they came in the mail, and secretly liked how “simple” it all was (but more secretly mourned the passing of an era).  How can I be pursuing a degree in Composition and Rhetorical Studies, with hopes to really get into studying the dirty world of interpersonal communication when we’re giving our brains over to the machines?

I’ve had so many thoughts for this site, but have been either too scattered or too busy or too heavy-hearted to write.  Or I just felt like what I had to say was inappropriate for public viewing.  Inappropriate because it would be tasteless to write, not because the nature of what I have been thinking about is unusually tacky.  I’ve given myself gut check after gut check, remembering that though the pen is mightier than the sword, I’m not in the business of wielding weapons either way.

Feeling So Far Away.

I’ve thought of loads of blog titles in the meantime, some of which I may actually get around to fleshing out into posts.  I have no idea when, friends.  Between this house that is still half un-live-able (the comfortable half . . . the half where my awesome gold sofa should be), and the many other draws on my time (like cleaning between the crevices of my keyboard and drawing letter charts for Grey), I know the posts will be sporadic at best.  But hopefully they’ll come with some excellent and thoughtful material.  Or at least a good dose of humor.

  1. tracy kagay said:


    Congratulations on getting into grad school. That is awesome!

    Tracy Kagay

  2. I (of course) love the whole post, but especially jumping from becoming a whiskey connoisseur to a marathon runner. You’re so badass.

    • alltheseblessedthings said:

      Haha. Well, I like to mix it up, you know. I rarely run the morning after whiskey . . . and since the running happens *a lot* the whiskey is on a back burner. It’s a fun new hobby, though.

      • In my world, the running is on the back burner. Figuratively speaking of course. I can’t run to the end of the driveway. The liquor, however, it’s only an arm’s reach away :)

  3. Grace said:

    Too heavy-hearted to write? I don’t like hearing that. Too many draws on your time?…and how.
    I chuckled at the jump from whiskey to marathons too. I’m excited about you going back to school, but did you fully consider the cost that we, your blog audience, were going to have to pay? I mean, come on. ;)

    And don’t forget to replace your running shoes every 300-400 miles. Gotta take care of those pretty feet.

    • alltheseblessedthings said:

      I need new shoes ASAP. And I’m really hoping that school will give me more to write about! Driving around white Georgia…I mean north Georgia…gives me plenty to write about, too. The other day I saw a man holding a huge sign that said “Real men are kind” but I didn’t have time to stop and talk. If I see him again, I’ll get the scoop and write all about it.

      • LaLa said:

        hahah! white Georgia.

  4. Melissa said:

    After painting all the trim in this old house, I have decided, when you buy a home and the realtor tells you it has lots of “character” that is really a code word for a ton of trim work to paint.

    • alltheseblessedthings said:

      Ha! Good rule of thumb. My next house will be an RV.

  5. Rebecca said:

    Let’s not pick blog titles that remind me of Mr. Harding.

    • alltheseblessedthings said:

      HAHA! That was probably my favorite of our required reading. Well, I really liked Ivanhoe, too. Speaking of, I’ve been thinking about writing a blog about Mr. Harding and our oppressive times at MCHS (aka M. State Penitentiary). I bought a used copy of All Quiet on the Western Front a few years ago specifically to read the section that had been cut out of our copies. I mean, how many people do you know that have actually ever experienced censorship like we did? (By gum, and what would he say now if he found out I read the ESV Bible? *cringe*)

      • Rebecca said:

        I just read this now. I don’t know how to know when you replied. Anyways that is funny you did that about the All Quiet on the Western Front book – I bought a copy of that at some point too, just to read the cut out pages. What a stiff old man. A blog about Mr Harding would be cathartic to the soul!! =)

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