I’ll let you know what they say.

Dr. Smith:

My Creative Writing professor at Lee University said, “Teachers profess what they know to be true in their bones.”  In reading about the English Department on UTC’s website, I lingered over the phrase “[the] program attempts to communicate a sense of wonder and excitement about our written culture.”  Couple the program’s hope with my bone-deep belief that the inherent need to communicate and create is fighting its way out of each of us, and you will begin to understand my desire to pursue the M.A. in Composition and Rhetorical Studies.

My undergraduate work at Lee has prepared me for Master’s level coursework and research.  During my years at Lee, I dedicated myself to my studies in English and Communication (emphasis in Journalism).  I tailored my degree by bulking up on as many writing courses as were offered and graduated with a 4.0 GPA.  In addition, much of my extracurricular focus was on teaching or involvement in the University’s various print media outlets.  I pursued opportunities to work in the writing workshop and co-taught an entry-level English class.  I worked on staff as a writer or as an editor for Lee’s yearbook, newspaper, literary magazine, and department newsletter.

Through my involvement in print media I developed strong senses of teamwork and working according to deadlines.  I adapted my writing skills according to the style of publication.  Through my major and minor courses I grew in excitement for words and their uses.  I fell in love with the basics of language and the art of effective communication.  Through teaching and tutoring I found an increased passion for helping other students develop and strengthen their creative voices.  My aim is to one day teach people to write skillfully and persuasively.

With my undergraduate background and my interest in and enthusiasm for language and its manipulation I would be an ideal candidate for the M.A. in Composition and Rhetorical Studies at UTC.  Life is about creating.  Life is for communicating.  I’d like to bring these simple truths that I know in my bones into the classroom at UTC.



*Not sure whether to cry or laugh.  Nervous drinking will occur.


  1. LaLa said:

    Last week you told me how helping others to find their voice is your dream, I am amazed as I watch you continue to pursue this dream by working so hard to find your own voice. love you!

  2. How they possibly NOT take you? I’d say you’ve got this one.

  3. andrea said:

    That was perfect. You are inspirational.

  4. alltheseblessedthings said:

    Thanks, all.

  5. Michaela said:

    Soooooo much better!! This is what will work :)

  6. I am so glad you found me, and I found you. Lest this sounds creepy, I will stop now. I loved your latest post, particularly about the ruminating over biblical womanhood. I’m sure you read Rachel Evan’s book….that chapter is quality, like she took my brain and heart and put really good words to it. And CONGRATs on grad school….creeped back through your entries so I could find out what you got a “yes” to….

    • alltheseblessedthings said:

      I’ve not read Rachel’s book yet. She’s local for me and has a signing party next week that I’m hoping to get to though. Woohoo for school! :)

      • It is really, really good. I’m kinda cynical about these things and so I’m glad to say how much I enjoyed it! Tell her hi from me if you make it to the party!

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